Staying true to its long-lasting heritage of innovation in head protection, the Rawlings NRG Quantum employs three proven technologies that simultaneously transfer force and heat away from the head while actively and passively absorbing impact without structural breakdown to the lightweight absorption system.

ACTIVE IMPACT absorption

Dual air bags with a scientifically-designed spacer material allows for instant and long-lasting protection, unlike standard conventional foams.


The inflatable C3 liner allows players to customize their helmets' fit based on their specific needs.


Strategically placed vents and padding systems create optimizes air flow, the Heat Exchange system is designed to allow optimum temperature control.


Zoombang is a unique visco-elastic polymer that is soft and fluid-like at rest, but upon impact molecules instantly stiffen to absorb up to 80% of impact forces.

Poron® XRD

On impact, the Poron® XRD high performance molecules create a unique protective shield that can absorb up to 90% of the most intense force.